Tuesday, May 26, 2009

How to Boil the Ocean and Land on the Beach

So who wants to be a management consultant or investment banker? Whatever your motivations--genuine interest in the field, money, prestige, a challenging work environment, lucrative exit options--summer analyst and analyst-level positions at major firms are dwindling. By sheer numbers, the pool of qualified candidates far exceeds the number of opportunities.

Chasing Consultants, Breaking Bankers gives an insider perspective on what summer or full-time positions entail and how to break into these competitive industries for college students.

How is Chasing Consultants, Breaking Bankers different from what's already out there?
  • We are undergraduates or recent graduates of leading universities. Each of us has worked at both bulge bracket investment banks and global management consultancies. We give the scoop on the tradeoffs between the banking and consulting lifestyle / worklife.
  • Most sites are "catch-all" resources - offering general interviewing or resume tips for all industries and for high schoolers to career changers. We offer advice specifically targeted at helping college students!
  • We break down common misperceptions on what recruiters are really looking for in their undergraduate recruiting.
  • We have gone through the recruiting processes at top firms, including elite firms such as Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley as well as Bain and The Boston Consulting Group.
  • We will detail our experiences at various firms in both industries, and can give a personal compare and contrast (whereas other sites are purely for finance or consulting, and thus can't speak fairly and anecdotally to the differences).
  • We are a one-stop place for resume, interview, and internship tips for undergraduates. We seek to give the most realistic insight possible for the entire recruiting process.
  • We stay current on the industry trends and therefore give the most up-to-date advice for undergraduates.
  • Most importantly, we will teach you how to Boil the Ocean and Land on the Beach.
Stay tuned for more posts!

In the mean time, please feel free to send your consulting queries to chasingconsultants@gmail.com and finance queries to breakingbankers@gmail.com.

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