Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Case Interview pet peeves

We recently conducted interviews at target schools for first and final rounds. After seeing thousands of resumes and nearly 50 interviews, we noticed the following case interview mistakes coming up very frequently (even among the best candidates). The aim of sharing these tips is to help many of you who are still interviewing for consulting gigs.

1. Students who force fit frameworks -- if you recite Case In Point, you'll get the ding.

2. Students who ramble on and on with no structure -- as a business analyst or associate, you'll need to communicate your thoughts when you're walking with a client to a conference room. If you can't communicate the most important messages under pressure, you won't get the offer.

3. Students who communicate creative, but impractical, strategies and solutions -- the main job of an entry level consultant is to get the analytics right. By trying to be too creative, students' recommendations become unfeasible for clients. And you only have 30 minutes or less to impress the interviewer with strong business insights. Overly florid strategy recommendations may detract from the "test" of the case interviews.

Good luck with the recruiting season!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

And the positive results are in

"Just wanted to say thanks to the whole team for helping me out with my resume/cover letter. I already landed 2 interviews (one BB and one Boutique) making it 2/3 on applications so far with many more responses coming down the line." --- Student at a target school

"Feeling a lot more confident now! Thank you and keep up the good work. Will definitely refer your service to my friends in the future." --- International student who broke into a bulge bracket

"I applied unsuccessfully for internships my sophomore and junior years. Finding your site was a gold mine: the insights were dead on. I incorporated your thoughts to my cover letters and resumes. Not only did I land 5x as many interviews, but I also made my resume appeal to my interviewers. I'm fortunate to say that I'll be working at Goldman Sachs IBD next summer! Keep up the stellar work!" --- Student who broke in from a non-finance background

"As you already know, I'm a career shifter, interested in either research/IB or MC. I feel that I have the skill set, acumen, but not the ideal pedigree. I came specifically to you so that you could help reposition my past experience in the most favorable light- you have done a fantastic job, and I can say that you have far exceeded my expectations." --- Experienced candidate who used our services to make the transition

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