Tuesday, October 12, 2010

And the positive results are in

"Just wanted to say thanks to the whole team for helping me out with my resume/cover letter. I already landed 2 interviews (one BB and one Boutique) making it 2/3 on applications so far with many more responses coming down the line." --- Student at a target school

"Feeling a lot more confident now! Thank you and keep up the good work. Will definitely refer your service to my friends in the future." --- International student who broke into a bulge bracket

"I applied unsuccessfully for internships my sophomore and junior years. Finding your site was a gold mine: the insights were dead on. I incorporated your thoughts to my cover letters and resumes. Not only did I land 5x as many interviews, but I also made my resume appeal to my interviewers. I'm fortunate to say that I'll be working at Goldman Sachs IBD next summer! Keep up the stellar work!" --- Student who broke in from a non-finance background

"As you already know, I'm a career shifter, interested in either research/IB or MC. I feel that I have the skill set, acumen, but not the ideal pedigree. I came specifically to you so that you could help reposition my past experience in the most favorable light- you have done a fantastic job, and I can say that you have far exceeded my expectations." --- Experienced candidate who used our services to make the transition

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  1. So building off the "positive results:"

    I have just accepted a summer business analyst position with MBB consulting this summer, at a medium-size office.

    What, realistically, should I be worrying about now re. the full-time offer? Should I be trying to stand out this summer, or just plug away, head down, and wait for full-time? (Put the other way, what's going to lose me an invite back?)


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