Thursday, July 15, 2010

Cold Calling

(1) Is there an ideal “plan of attack” for cold calling?

Be professional and persistent in every interaction. First exhaust any personal connections through family/friends/classmates/professors/alumni. You have a much higher success rate working through your existing network. Then turn your efforts to cold-calling. Also, don't give up if you aren't able to get through to a recruiter/hiring manager at a firm that you're excited about -- you can always try to talk to a banker (someone working in the position you want) and then keep asking for referrals until you get to the right person. Be flexible with your plan of attack because firms operate differently. Would be best to start as soon as you can.

(2) An American BB has an office located a few floors below in my building. I was thinking of developing a short elevator speech. Is this a good idea or should I stick to cold calling?

If you run into a banker at your building, make some small talk with them about something other than work. Once you've made a personal connection, then it becomes more appropriate to talk about your interest in banking.

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